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celebrities; avril lavigne, blake lively, america ferrera, vanessa hudgens, dianna agron, brittany murphy
movies; baby mama (amy poehler, tina fey)


If this is not allowed tell me and I will delete it.

I now share a icon community with efyyness it is called epistomology

Here youll find icons of Tina Fey,30 rock Crystal Castles, Harry Potter, Zooey Deschanel, Conor Oberst, lolitics and indie bands.

So please join and watch our updates (:


Baby Mama x43

SNL x02
SNL Castmembers x12
Upright Citizens Brigade x03

SNL Animated x20


[HERE] @ bluecons

Tina Fey Icons

45 Tina Fey Icons!

More Laughs here @ rh_supertrekkie

hey there!

 hiya im new here!

im from sunny england lol
i love tina and amy and i love this movie!!!!

can not wait till the dvd for special features..........just imagine audio commentary by those two lol

anyways.....if this is not okay tell me and ill remove it but here is a link to my community for amy


i just started it and would love it if you guys could come and have a look around and leave some comments............. i promise to do more stuff with it lol

thank you!


Tina and Amy on Oprah!

For anyone who missed their Oprah appearance.

Three more clips...Collapse )

Why So Quiet Around Here?

So... Anybody got any ideas for promoting this comm elsewhere? I'd really love to see some more fics and graphics, although I realize that might not happen until the DVD comes out.

And now, some pretty, pretty pictures to entice you:Collapse )
9 animated icons of Amy Poehler in 'Baby Mama'

(nothing spoilery all from trailers)


Photobucket Photobucket

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**no hotlinking

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Number 1!!

Baby Mama is number 1 at the box office beating Harold and Kumar to the top and grossing just over 18 million


FIC: Good Things (Kate/Angie, PG-13)

Title: Good Things
Author: Aphrodite_mine
Summary: AU of about the last 15 minutes
Fandom, Pairing: Baby Mama, Kate/Angie
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,300.